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Programs Import

Programs Import allows institutions to import courses and certificates from their Modern Campus Lifelong Learning Extended Education Curriculum Manager into Pathways so institution staff can quickly and easily associate catalog offerings to careers. Pathways will show all courses and certificates associated with a career on a career's Programs tab for learners to find out how to further advance towards their career path.

Programs Import Page

Import a ProgramLink to this section

School administrators can import Modern Campus Lifelong Learning Extended Education Curriculum into Pathways by selecting Course/Certificate from the Program Type drop-down.

  1. Select the Type (options available are Course/Certificate)
  2. Next, select the course program to be imported into Pathways. Programs that are public and active will be available in the Program Selector. Click the arrow next to the Program Area and check the boxes for the course programs to be imported. You can select single program or multiple programs from different program areas.
  3. Click Continue. In the Program Import page, the selected programs are listed for import. You can click the X icon next to a program to remove it from import. Click Back to Selection link to return to the Program Selector page.
  4. Click Start Import. Do not navigate away from the page while the import is in progress.
  5. Once the import is complete, the import status is updated on the page.
  6. The course/certificate programs imported will be available in the Programs tab.
  7. Click Download Import Results button to download a CSV report.

Reference the field descriptions for Programs import.

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