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Create Tags

  1. Select Marketing from the first navigation tier.
  2. Navigate to the Pathways > Tags page from the second navigation tier.

School administrators can edit or delete a tag. Deleting a tag will remove all references of that tag in all Pathways: Programs but not remove it from any Career and Program Explorer Embed Codes. Delete tags with caution.

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  1. Click +New.
  2. Under the Description section, type a Name for the Tag.
  3. Click Create to create the Tag.

EditLink to this section

  1. Go to Add-Ons > Pathways > Tags.
  2. Click the More Actions more actions menu menu for the given Tag that you want to edit.
  3. Click Save.

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You can delete tags. If a tag is in use on a Career and Program Explorer, recreate the embed code before deleting the tag.

  1. Go to Add-Ons > Pathways > Tags.
  2. Click the More Actions menu for the given Tag that you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

School administrators can quickly find any Tag by using the Filter Options. Tags can be filtered by entering your into the Filter text field.

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Assign a Tag to a Pathways Program.


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