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Create New ProgramLink to this section

School administrators can create custom programs by clicking the +New button in the Programs tab under the Marketing > Pathways > Programs page.

Create New Program

Each program has a program details page where school staff can associate an occupation group and appearance profile to this program and display Pathways: Job Market Outlook on that program landing page without further configuration. Click the Export CSV button to export the complete list of Programs to a CSV file.

Program Details Page

Reference the field descriptions for Program details.

Note: Pathways: Job Market Outlook needs occupation groups set up explicitly in the course or certificate profile page to appear in the programs list. Associations made in this list will not apply to Pathways: Job Market Outlook settings.

Copy/Edit/Delete a ProgramLink to this section

School administrators can edit, create a copy, or delete an existing program.

  1. Navigate to the Programs page.
  2. Select the program you want to edit/copy/delete and click the ellipsis (...) on the extreme right column. Select EditCopyDelete.
  3. Update the Program description.
  4. Click Save to create/update the Program.

Search for a Specific ProgramLink to this section

School administrators can quickly find any program by using the Filter Option. The Program page can be filtered by Code, Name, Occupation Group, or by Type. Enter your search query in the Filter field.

  1. In the Filter field, type the search criteria.
  2. The page will display filtered results.
  3. Click x in the Filter field or delete the entered search criteria to reset the filter options and start a new search.

Reference the field descriptions for Programs.

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