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MultiEdit is a form-based way to edit content on a page. Some pages use MultiEdit instead of, or in addition to, editable regions. On a page with MultiEdit set up you see a button above the page preview:

An orange button that says "MultiEdit.":

Click the MultiEdit button to enter content in a form interface. Save your changes to enter your content into the page formatting and styling. MultiEdit forms can include text fields, image choosers, and even mini-WYSIWYGs where you can enter more customized content.

A screenshot of a panel with many editable fields, some for simple text, some for selecting images, and others, with information for a faculty profile filled out.
MultiEdit being used for a faculty profile page.

MultiEdit is most often found on pages where the formatting and design should stay the same but the content may vary, such as faculty and staff profiles, or specific design elements on home and landing pages (such as banners or galleries).

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