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Insert/Edit Media

To add a video or other playable media to a page:

  1. While editing an editable region, click the Insert/Edit Media button Insert/Edit Media icon in the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) toolbar.
  2. In the "Source" field, paste the external web address or click the file chooser File Chooser icon.
    • From file chooser, navigate through folders in your Modern Campus CMS site.
    • Click the file to link.
    • Click Insert.
  3. Enter new values in the "Width" and "Height" fields to modify the dimensions of the media.
    • Click the lock icon to constrain proportions.
  4. Click Save.

See WYSIWYG Editor Advanced Fieldsfor additional media options.

Is your video not rendering on the live website page? Ensure the browser used to view the page has the correct plugin. Also, check that the video file has a valid file extension.

Embed CodeLink to this section

If you are adding media from an external source that provides an embed code (such as Vimeo or YouTube), paste the code into the "Embed" tab of the "Insert/Edit Media" box. Then click Save.

We recommend embedding videos via Insert/Edit Media in the WYSIWYG toolbar. If you embed a YouTube video by pasting it into the source code of your page, you might encounter an error where the page cannot be edited. The error is caused by the default YouTube embed code being empty between the <iframe> and </iframe> elements and can be fixed by adding an &nbsp; between the <iframe> and </iframe> elements. Alternatively, add in a comment between the starting and closing <iframe> elements to prevent an empty iframe.

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