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ZIP Import

Select Import ZIP File to extract the contents into the system with the same file structure as the original ZIP. The ZIP file extension is required.

If you upload a ZIP file into Modern Campus CMS without selecting Import ZIP File, it won't be recognized and the contents won't be accessible.

Upload using Import ZIP File, as follows:

  1. Go to theContent Pages location where you'd like to upload new files.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. In the Upload box, select the radio button Import ZIP File.
  4. From the Access Group dropdown, choose which group hasaccessto the uploaded file(s).
  5. Select the Overwrite Existing checkbox to upload a file with the same name and extension as another file in that location and replace it while retaining itsdependency tag.
    • Levels 9 and 10 users have this option, though it can be granted to others.
  6. Click +Add to browse for files or drag files from your computer to the Upload box.
  7. Files to be uploaded appear in a list. You can remove files or rename them. Files that need to be renamed to fit your site'snaming conventionare highlighted.
  8. ClickStart Upload.
  9. Review the Zip Import screen for errors (for example, disallowed extensions or filenames with disallowed characters) and fix them.
    • Click the file name to rename. 
      • A file with a disallowed extension cannot have the extension renamed.
    • Click the file checkbox to remove.
  10. Click Finish Upload.
  11. Publish the uploaded files for them to appear on your live website.

The file size limit on a ZIP import is 1 GB, though files within are still subject to upload size limits.

Your ZIP file may have a duplicate folder at the root. Select the Ignore Root Folder checkbox when you are reviewing the import to remove this duplicate folder.

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