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Review Pages

Modern Campus CMS shows a preview of how your page will look and behave once it's published. While editing an editable region, click Preview in the page actions toolbar. You can also navigate to Content > Pages, click the More Actions menu More Actions menu, and click Review > Preview.

Elements of your page that rely on content from other sources, such as side navigation files and news listings, may not display in preview. What you see in preview is a close, but not exact, representation of the page on your live website. Your preview does not include server-side code and may not include all browser-related functions (like JavaScript).

Alternate Publish TargetsLink to this section

Your Modern Campus CMS account may be set up to publish to more than one website. Click the Select Target dropdown to see what the page looks like on different websites.

Select Target and Product Preview

Multi-Output PreviewLink to this section

Pages may create more than one product when they publish. For example, publishing a page may create a PDF or a separate page for mobile viewing, in addition to the website page. Click the Select Product dropdown to preview different page products.

Responsive PreviewLink to this section

If your page was created using atemplate(known as a Publish Control File [PCF]), you can preview how your page will look and function across various devices and screen sizes

If your page was created using alayout(known as a Layout Control File [LCF]), your preview uses layout styles to determine sizes.

Use this PCF preview to adapt the page layout and design to provide an optimal user experience regardless of the device being used.

  1. While previewing a page, click Open Responsive Preview.
  2. Select the preset sizes for Full Width (100% of CMS width), Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile.
    • To preview custom sizes, click and drag Adjust Width (minimum of 350px).
    • See pixel values in the top corner of the page as you drag.
      • Desktop is 1200px, Tablet is 768px, and Mobile is 400px.

To preview the page as it will appear when published, click Preview in New Tab at the bottom corner.

Responsive preview will remain open for all pages until you click Close Responsive Preview.

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