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You can schedule a file to expire at a specific date and time. An expired file is either recycled, replaced with another file, or has a redirect created in its place, depending on what you decide.

To expire a file:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages.
  2. Click More Actions More Actions menu.
  3. Click Publish > Expire.
  4. In the "Schedule Expiration" box, choose from the following expire types:
    • Replace: Swap the expired file with the contents of another file. Click the file chooser to locate a replacement file (this file isn't affected by the expire).
    • Recycle: Send the expired file to the recycle bin.
    • Redirect: Divert web visitors to the URL entered in the "Redirect To" field. Only available for non-PCF files. 
  5. Choose a date and time for the file to expire. 
  6. Create a notification of the page expiration, as appropriate. Select the "Send Copy to Email" checkbox to receive an email notification in addition to the message in your Omni CMS inbox.

Expiring files can have site-wide effects. Consider all potential impacts and make all necessary backups before expiring a file.