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Live Delivery Platform

Live Delivery Platform, or LDP, is a module that is so integrated into how Omni CMS functions that it often comes with implementations by default. However, it requires additional setup, especially for LDP Forms to work, so one should be aware of what goes into LDP.

Once installed, LDP must be activated in the account settings. Additional setup is then done in the site settings. LDP provides three features: image galleries, forms, and comments, all of which are assets that can be placed on pages. LDP is not compatible with pages created from layouts (also known as Layout Control Files [LCFs]).

LDP forms support CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA integration. This is also managed via site settings.

Registering the SSMLink to this section

To store forms answers in a database, a server-side module (SSM) must be installed and any sites using LDP registered with it. This adds the site name, UUID, and public key (found in site settings) to the SSM database. Use one SSM for all sites where you want to use forms.

The SSM is installed on your production server, not on the Omni CMS one. It is written in Python and includes a MySQL database. As part of the configuration, a server-side connector script is also installed on the same server as your website, with the language determined by the needs of your website. This script acts a bridge between the website where the data is submitted and the SSM.

As part of the implementation process, your sites are registered with the SSM. More sites can always be added later. Full steps for registering your SSM are available at our helpdesk. You can also contact our support team there for more assistance.

LDP SettingsLink to this section

Activate LDP for the account by navigating to Setup > Account > Optional Features, selecting "LDP," and saving your changes.

Modify LDP settings, as follows:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Sites.
  2. Click the site name.
  3. Navigate to "LDP Settings." The following options are available:
  • LDP Admin Host: The host on which the SSM resides. This is the hostname or IP address of the server used by the application to access LDP administrator functionality.
    • Use one LDP Admin Host for all sites where you use forms.
  • Download Reg File: When downloaded, the registration file contains the necessary components, which must then be run on the server with the SSM.
  • Test Connection: After registering the file on the SSM, test the connectivity to ensure that the file has been registered properly.
  • Include CAPTCHA: Toggles on and off the option to use a CAPTCHA code in LDP Forms, if CAPTCHA has been enabled for the site. Without proper CAPTCHA configuration this option doesn't do anything.
    • LDP Forms now offer integration with Google reCAPTCHA services. If you would like to use this service, please contact support. You will be asked to provide the site key and secret key from the reCAPTCHA API for your website; please select the reCAPTCHA v2 option. Multiple domains can be registered under one key. If you use this option, you may need to enable (whitelist) the domain name for Google.
    • If this option is not available under your LDP Settings, your SSM and/or your Omni CMS version needs to be upgraded. Please contact support for an upgrade.
  • LDP Gallery Directory: Each site in which image galleries are used requires a folder to store the images. This is a staging location, so unlike the production server settings, FTP Root should not be included with the LDP Gallery Directory. Include only preceding slash / and the folder name to specify the folder to contain the images. Without a folder defined in this field, image galleries won't be created, even if LDP is activated.

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