Allow website visitors to RSVP for single (nonrecurring) events on your calendar. Then manage attendee lists using Omni CMS.

To get started,

  1. Enable RSVPs in both site and calendar settings and add Google CAPTCHA.
  2. Then add RSVPs to individual events.

RegistrationLink to this section

To RSVP, visitors must register using their email address and name. By registering, your visitors are agreeing to Google's reCAPTCHA policies: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Manage RSVP EventsLink to this section

To manage event RSVPs, go to Add-Ons > Calendar > RSVP. Click the More Actions menu for the RSVP to

Edit the event. Then republish to see updates on your public events page.

If your event already has attendees, email them with changes.

Export to CSV

This downloads a CSV file containing attendee details. Exported details include,

  • Attendee ID
  • Attendee Name
  • Attendee Email
  • Time of Registration (Formatted)
  • Time Registration Was Verified (Formatted)
  • Verification Method
  • Registration Status

Delete the RSVP details from the event. This does not delete the event itself.

The event will update automatically to remove the RSVP details.

If your event already has attendees, email them with changes.

Manage AttendeesLink to this section

To manage attendees in Omni CMS,

  1. Go to Add-Ons > Calendar > RSVP.
  2. Click the RSVP filename to see all attendees and their status.
    • Export to CSV to manage the attendee details outside of Omni CMS.
  3. Click the More Actions menu for the attendee to,

Email Attendee

This opens a new message in your default email client using a mailto link. The attendee is added to the Bcc line in the email to protect privacy.

Click the Select All checkbox to email all attendees simultaneously.

Attendees can add events to their calendar but they will manage their responses using email, not the ICS file.


This moves the attendee from the Pending tab to the Verified tab.

Delete Attendee

This removes the attendee and their details from Omni CMS, permanently.

Click the Select All checkbox to delete all attendees simultaneously.

Prevent New RSVPsLink to this section

If you would like to remove the ability to add new RSVPs to events while still retaining past RSVP details, disable RSVP in calendar settings (and keep RSVP enabled in site settings). Users will no longer be able to add RSVPs to individual events but will see details of previous RSVPs at Add-Ons > Calendar > RSVP.

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