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Calendar Embed Manage

Levels 9 and 10 administrators, can override the global calendar settings to determine the appearance of select calendars. These appearance settings are included the embed code and are not saved for future use.

Calendar Embed SettingsLink to this section

  1. Go to Add-Ons > Calendar > Embed > Calendar Embed Settings.
  2. Type to enter the title for your public events page.
  3. Type to enter the subtitle for your pubic events page.
  4. Choose an image to display in the header of your public events page.
  5. Type to enter a short written description (alt text) of the header image.
  6. Select whether your page shows public events as a list or a grid for its default view.
  7. Select whether your public events page shows all events or featured events for its default view.
  8. Select whether your public events page shows featured events in a slider.
    • See the featured events slider at the top of the event details page when two or more featured events are present.
  9. Select whether your public events page automatically loads more events when visitors scroll to the end of the events list (infinite scroll).
    • By default, visitors will see 30 days of events, from today, with an option to Load More Events.
  10. Choose the theme color for your public events page.
  11. Enter aGoogle Maps API key to allow maps to be shown on event details pages.
    • You can show or hide maps for each location in Add-Ons > Calendar > Attributes.
  12. ClickSave.

Editing and resaving overrides previous calendar embed settings.

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