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A/B Test Manage

Stop a TestLink to this section

Stop a test to prevent it from collecting any more data. To stop a test while it's running,

  1. Ensure the test is checked out to you.
  2. Click the filename for the test > Stop A/B Test.

Test ResultsLink to this section

The results show how your variation(s) compared to the default content. You can see all results, but to declare a winner, results must be statistically significant.

  1. Click the filename for your test to see the results.
  2. Winning metrics are noted with a star.
  3. Hover over a result to see its statistics.

a/b test results


Statistical significance is based upon the advanced test settings. For example, if your test has not reached the right number of visitors, the results will be inconclusive and a winner will not be declared.

EditLink to this section

Check out your incomplete A/B test to make edits. Then click the More Actions menu for the test and Edit.

Editing your A/B test while it's running may cause misleading results.

Launch to republish subscribing page(s) with the updated A/B test.

CopyLink to this section

Copying an A/B test creates a duplicate of it. Rename the copy, click Edit to change the test settings.

Save and Launch it to make it available for use on pages.

DeleteLink to this section

Deleting an A/B test removes it from every file it was added to. Deletion is a permanent action and deleted tests cannot be restored.

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