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We recommend working through this playbook step by step to get the most out of Personalization’s capabilities.

Personalization Lite Vs. Known Contact PersonalizationLink to this section

Personalization Lite includes,

  • visitor tracking;
  • dynamic content creation;
  • simple personalization based on website visits and geolocation;
  • basic segmentation, based on visitor metrics;
  • reporting and analytics; and is
  • included with Modern Campus CMS.

Check out our guide to Personalization Lite.

Known Contact Personalization includes Personalization Lite, plus,

  • a form used to turn visitors into contacts;
  • external data import (.csv from SIS or CRM);
  • advanced segmentation, based on visitor and contact data;
  • A/B testing of dynamic content; and is
  • priced based on enrollment.

How Does Personalization Lite Work?

Personalization Lite uses a visitor’s IP address, location, cookies, and other data to capture information regarding the visitor’s behavior. 

How Does Known Contact Personalization Work?

Known Contact Personalization requires a visitor to identify themselves (typically via a form on your website) and matches their information with your existing database. 

plan your instinct campaign in four steps

Step 1: Define your website and recruiting goals

For example, enrollment is dropping due to the increase in tuition over the last five years. Gallena University wants to increase enrollment.

Step 2: Determine the needs of your target audience

Gallena University will highlight their unique financial aid offerings for high-achieving students in neighboring states. Their target audience is students in the five states surrounding their own.

Step 3: Create your content

Gallena University staff members create two versions of the image and banner on their admissions page. The default and the personalized.

Step 4: Set up and launch your campaign

Based on a visitor’s geolocation and GPA, staff members create a segment for visitors in Arizona that shows a personalized image and banner.

personalized banner for arizona residents

Now, you try. Use our worksheet to get started.

Then, browse our additional resources and FAQs.

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