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Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory builds and manages a faculty (and staff) profile listing in your Modern Campus CMS site, with the ability to pull data from an external database. Typically, this module uses MultiEdit for faculty profile pages to enforce a consistent look and design, while still giving each person the ability to modify their own information.

Because this is a highly customizable module, it's likely that your implementation of Faculty Directory has some unique features that aren't covered by this documentation. The basics are covered below, but for specific questions, consult your developer notes.

StructureLink to this section

Faculty Directory is added as a section within the file structure of your website, commonly labeled "faculty."

It contains a main index page, as well as sections for each department or other categories of faculty and staff. The index page provides a listing of every faculty member, with the ability to filter or search for them.

A listing of information for different school faculty members, filtered by the deparment "English"

Each folder contains multiple pages, each page being the profile of a faculty or staff member. Because these pages are edited via MultiEdit, information is entered via a form-like interface, rather than freeform editable regions. Page parameters are also commonly used to edit profiles, particularly if you are connecting profiles to an external data source.

Adding a New ProfileLink to this section

Even if your Faculty Directory uses data from an external source, you still need to add a new profile page each time a person is added to the faculty or staff. Adding new profiles are done in the same manner as creating a new page in Modern Campus CMS:

  1. Navigate to Content > Pages > the Faculty Directory folder > the department folder for the new faculty member.
  2. Click +New.
  3. Choose the appropriate template.
    • If it hasn't already been set up, Level 10 users can restrict the templates available to only those for Faculty Directory via template groups.
  4. Fill out the form accordingly. If your Faculty Directory pulls data from an external source, this may be as simple as entering in an ID or email to connect the profile to the data.
    A screenshot of a form to enter information for a profile, including Name, Department, Office Phone and Email, Profile Bio, and Profile Image
  5. Publish the page.
  6. Any listing pages, including that for the specific department and the main faculty listing, should be republished as well to update the listings. However, if you have a custom solution your process for updating the listings might be different, so please refer to the developer notes that were provided.

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