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Public Submission

Enable staff and website visitors to submit events for inclusion in the calendar, without requiring CMS access. Then, users with access can review the details and publish, to ensure only the right events are added to the calendar.

To get started, enable public submission in both site and calendar settings and add Google CAPTCHA.

FormLink to this section

The predefined submission form gathers the information you need to publish an event. You cannot edit the form, but visitors can supply additional information to you using the comments.

submission form page one

submission form page two

submission form page three

By submitting, your visitors are agreeing to Google's reCAPTCHA policies: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

ManageLink to this section

To manage submissions,

  1. Go to Add-Ons > Calendar > Public Submissions.
  2. Click the filename for the submission.
  3. Review the submission details.
  4. Add categories, locations, organizers, and images to the event, as applicable.
    • To protect your website, images are not part of the public submission form.
  5. Create an event to be approved or Publish to see the event on your public events page.

Prevent New SubmissionsLink to this section

If you would like to prevent new submissions while still retaining past submission details, disable Public Submission in calendar settings (and keep Public Submission enabled in site settings). Visitors will no longer be able to submit new events but users will see details of previous submissions at Add-Ons > Calendar > Public Submissions

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